Sunday, April 15, 2012

Latest Mainsheet Newsletter


19-24th.March, Dros y Tunnau, Over the Waves
Society to attend maritime exhibition in Cardigan’s Guildhall
1500hrs. David James will give a talk on Cardigan’s maritime history.
22nd.March, Pembrokeshire Wrecks . An illustrated talk by Ted Goddard,7.30 p.m. at the
Neyland Yacht Club .Non-members welcome.
17th.April, Talk by David James at Picton Centre, Haverfordwest

4thand 6th. June, Diamond Jubilee Events
4thJune, Parade of Sail to Town Quay, Haverfordwest , “Quest” escorted by “General
Picton” et al. A token cargo to be delivered to the Town Council, in recognition
of the town’s former role as a working port.
6th. June, Parade of Sail departing Hobb’s Point
21st.June Midsummer Walk, Pembroke Dock
23rdto 30th. June Sea Fair Haven
27, 28, 29th.June. Society boats to escort successive fleets up Pembroke River, Mooring in Castle
15th.July Pembroke Festival River Rally, The Annual Pembroke River Rally.
( Come and join us, with or without a boat.)
11th.To 18th. August Steamboat Association Rally to Pembrokeshire
14th August Steamboats to be piloted up Pembroke River by Society boats.
22nd.September, The History Fair,Haverfordwest Library Gallery, Society to be present
with publicity stand.
2nd.November, D. James to address Probus at Haverfordwest Cricket Club

Future Events
(i) Interested parties, among them this Society, are considering an
event to mark the 200th.Anniversary of the founding of Pembroke Dock
and the Dockyard
(ii) Haverfordwest 900th Anniversary

From the above you will see that we have a succession of activities planned. If you need to know any more details, please contact our Secretary. David James, at

To this end we are feverishly beavering on at preparing the boats for the water.
Quest, as you will have read, has had a new foredeck, and the mast housing is being adapted to allow us to dip the mast to get under the bridge at Haverfordwest. The mainsail also has been mended, after a mishap when reefing last year.
Undine, the Pembroke One Design, has a new coat of paint. We are forced to accept that her Stuart Turner engine is past redemption, and have not located a suitable replacement, so she will have to make do with an outboard when the wind fails.
General Picton is ready to be refloated, as are Rosyth, Linnet, and, of course, Supporter, our aptly named support vessel.
As for the boats that need more work done on them, both Tern, our other Pembroke One Design, and Activist, the ex-Outward Bound 26ft. two-masted ketch, are being lovingly restored to appear, probably not this year but, we hope, next year.
Our working day is, as ever, Monday. We often have as many as a dozen both men and
ladies, working on the boats, but we can always do with more. You don’t have to be skilled, but
it helps. We break at half time for a coffee and a chat.

Then there is the Society dinner on the 14th April. Details below.

There is also the A.G.M. The 29thAnnual General Meeting of the Society
19.30 hours Monday 30th April, 2012
Neyland YachtClub, Neyland, Pembrokeshire


Apologies, Attendance,
Minutes of previous meeting.
Officers' reports
Matters arising.
Election of Officers and Committee Members
Nomination of Officers and Committee Members may be
submitted prior to the meeting, or nominated from the floor at the Chairman's
discretion and with the nominee's consent.
Consideration of any matters put to the
Secretary in writing.
To be received by the Secretary no later than a fortnight
before the meeting, in accordance with our constitution, or from the floor at
the Chairman's discretion.

working committee meeting.

(a) Please make every effort to attend. The
committee gives an assurance that members attending will not be press-ganged
onto the new committee against their wishes. We need your views and
Minutes will be distributed at the meeting to minimise costs.

David James,
Hon Secretary.